Social Media Conundrum #19 How to Mitigate Loss of Control

You do everything at your company. You wear lots of different hats. Enter social media. You’ve been reading a lot about Social Media and it has invaded your ecosystem.Blogs are your in reader but your involvement in it is marginal at best. Consultants and evangelists are outside your door.

You’ve been hearing that you should do it.  You don’t know what to do.

Every day you keep hearing more and more about social media. You’re freaking out. OMG.

Do you think that if you and your company “do” social media, you’re going to lose control? That the customer will own you? That you won’t be able to handle it? or hire for it?

Don’t worry, you are from alone.

What do you want to do?

You want to bail and shut it down, don’t you? you’re thinking, “I’ll worry about it in 6 months.” or maybe you’re thinking, “I’ll just get a Twitter and Facebook account, that should please the C suite”.

That won’t get it done.

You know that.

Let’s think about it.