The Top 10 Ways Social Media Confuses You

Some of us are tasked everyday with telling people how great social media is and how transformational it can be. Do you want to know why it can be so tough for us to sell someone on it? All someone has to do is a common search on some common perceptions of social media and you get the following.

  1. 10 Ways Social Media Is Changing Our Lives
  2. Google, Yahoo, Bing Say Twitter is Stupid
  3. Why Social Media is a Waste of Time for Most Local Businesses
  4. Social Media can be a game changer
  5. Who owns social media? Who cares?
  6. 15 reasons to love social media
  7. Why I hate social media
  8. Social media is not for all SMB’s
  9. Why we love social media
  10. Why social media is not for everyone

and your bonus is a deck from David Armano from Edelman Digital *Social Media is Dead– Long Live Common Sense!

Wouldn’t you be confused to?

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  1. Oh yeah that’s true. Social media marketing or other marketing methods, I personally think that if the businesses can understand where their customers are, specially in terms of identifying their needs, they can reach them easily. Anyways, thanks for sharing some good links.

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