Most Twitter users don’t tweet-Is that a problem?

Twitter COO Dick Costolo who was speaking at the Conversational Media Summit in New York City, offered up that Twitter is now attracting 190 million visitors per month and generating 65 million Tweets a day.

65 million tweets a day.

That’s pretty cool. But it’s this next sentence from Costolo that caught my eye. Most users, says Costolo, don’t Tweet at all, but rather use Twitter as a consumption media. The COO of Twitter just said that no one uses his product as it was initially intended.

Should marketers be concerned? Should those who are hoping to have conversations be worried? No and No. It’s actually good news for them and those of us that use ALL  aspects of Twitter that contribute to it being one of our primary tools for:

  • Networking
  • Creating awareness
  • Finding clients
  • Contributing to causes
  • Driving sales
  • Lead sourcing
  • Sharing content
  • Attending conferences virtually
  • Customer service

For those of you that are using Twitter strictly as a consumption media, you might be missing out.

2 thoughts on “Most Twitter users don’t tweet-Is that a problem?

  1. It’s the same pyramid that Nielsen et al have theorized for years: 90% lurk, 9% inactively participate, 1% are active. You and I are in the pinnacle, but how many other people read your blog posts but don’t comment? How many more subscribe to your blog but don’t read every post?

    No different on Twitter.

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