Google this…

You can laugh at this, but it’s pretty spot on as well…

3 thoughts on “Google this…

  1. Hi Marc,

    Very funny (sort of).

    Resistance may be futile, but there’s definitely a tradeoff to giving Google access to more and more of our personal and professional data. But with such funky products as Google Sky and Google Goggles (AND those cute logos), it’s hard to say no.

  2. @hey Daria…I haven’t resisted as of yet. I’m willing to try everything they push out. Watch for even more social pushes from them as well.

  3. Marc,

    This video is funny, and I wonder if it provides a glimpse of the growing pubic perception of Google. And, that’s a perception that’s not always positive.

    I’ve been reading Ken Auletta’s book, Googled, and one of the book chapters talks about how hubris may become a potential internal challenge for the company. Google has become phenomenally successful in a relatively short period of time (and I sometimes wonder if that success may be going to their heads). It will be interesting to see how they address the “hey we’re Google” perceptions especially in light of growing government attention (both US and ex-US), anti-trust concerns, and speculation that the company is losing focus and spreading itself too thin among multiple ventures.

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