14 Quick Tactics to Encourage Corporate Social Media Adoption

This past Tuesday on our weekly Hashtag socialmedia tweetchat, we were honored to have one of the classiest people I’ve gotten to know, host our chat, BL Ochman. To say that it was a successful tweetchat is an understatement, but what really pushed the chat over the top was the last question in which she asked for quick tactics to encourage corporate social media adoption.

BL recounted the raw responses on her blog post, but I wanted to clean them up a little bit, make them into complete sentences, add some clarity and lastly point attendees from Social Fresh to this page.

What’s great about this list?  What we have here is the full circle of social media; crowdsourcing, participation, sharing and invaluable input from peers, consultants and practitioners of what works-all for the benefit of  quick internal corporate adoption.

Note: I’m also including hyperlinks to sites that add more value to how and what you will do with these tactics. Make sure you open them.

1)  Create a Social Media case study of who is talking about your company both in good & bad ways. Show the benefits of why you need to join in.

2) Demonstrate for corporate executives the increase in visibility from search rankings that result from searchable presence on social media sites

3) On-going social media education!  By providing weekly Twitter tips via email you can share best use, reports, case studies, trends, etc to show that it’s not intimidating.

4) Show corporate management stats on issues where competitors used social media & they did not. It’s a very clear way to demonstrate value.

5) Teach your execs and colleagues how to follow conferences and events and comment via hashtags

6) Encourage your employees to follow your company via social media tools and platforms like Twitter and retweet, post, etc. Be part of the conversation. stress to them that it also helps employee engagement.

7) Create a hashtag around your company, product, or industry and drive the conversations.

8. Map and find out where your target audience is participating in social media. Where are the conversations? Find them.

9) A first step for company enthusiasm could be to use social media to help build community within the company – HR bonding.

10) Show corporate executives how social media tools  like wikis and internal communities, can help increase productivity. not all SM is external.

11) Show management what your competitors are doing in social media and those results.

12)  Set up real time keyword/product/industry monitoring engines and show them the results.

13) To prove to executives of the value of social media, I like taking 12-18 month stock chart of competitors using Social media and showing them their results matched against it.

14) Building a business case for a new marketing initiative begins with research: customers, competitors, industry leaders> benchmarking

Even if you take one of these and put it to use, you are or will start to build a case for internal social media adoption. The key is showing them the results. And remember, it happens with or without your company. It’s your choice.