Engagement by proxy

I was looking at the definition of proxy for some odd reason the other day and I was struck by the irony of the definition.

Last week, Todd Defren, who is taking a unique approach towards the social media space by discussing the ethical side of engagement, blogged about ghost tweeting and ghost blogging. Essentially asking his readers to determine whether doing either or not doing them, had any ethical merits.

But I have news for Todd and everyone else. Ghost blogging and ghost tweeting happen a lot.  A lot more than people will care to admit. It happens because people that write and talk and engage for a living are a lot better at it than people who don’t do it for a living. And those that don’t, would rather leave it to those that do. Though I applaud him for taking the high ground on this issue, Todd knows it’s a lot more prevalent than most will admit. So do I.

Is there a solution, I don’t know. There might be, but it has to meet the criteria of the agency and the expectations of the client. Good luck with that.

Engagement by proxy.

3 thoughts on “Engagement by proxy

  1. Marc – I too have been reading Todd’s posts and have been interested in the discussions that follow. As a PR person speaking/engaging/writing on behalf of a client or internal leadership is really right up our alley. In many cases, it’s what we were hired to do. I understand and appreciate the desire for transparency, but at the heart of the issue for client and leaders is the need for effective communication. Interesting balance and very interesting topic.

    – @vedo

  2. Intriguing set up — but you’re right. Proxies are common in voting scenarios, e.g. if I am blind and you do not provide braille ballot sheets, I can appoint Joe Smith to be my proxy.

  3. @vedo, you nailed it. effective communications and the need for them. I might be able to sell widgets, or tires, or toilets, but that doesn’t mean I know how to run a business or market or sell. It’s why people outsource the function, the same holds true for ghost tweeting and blogging. Thanks bro.

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