Talent is Everywhere On the Social Web

I met Sue Spaight through Twitter. She’s one of the smart one’s but she won’t tell you that. But what she will do is call bullshit on you if she has to. She’ll force the one’s who are smart, to think about another box and not just the one they’re currently thinking outside of.

I had the pleasure to meet Sue a few months ago and even though our conversations were too quick, I was glad to see that she was just as genuine in person as was her written word.

For that reason, another really smart and genuine mutual friend of ours,  Tom Martin of  Zehnder out of my home town of New Orleans, turned me onto Sues’  “Realist Guide to Successful Social Strategy”.  After viewing it I asked if I might embed it. Sue gave me permission to share it and I think it’s worth sharing.

4 thoughts on “Talent is Everywhere On the Social Web

  1. OK if no one else is going to comment, then I will 😉

    Marc, as you note we only met very briefly at Social South. I really want to say what a class act you are for being open to “new talent.” I am absolutely a newcomer to social compared to so many of you. And a lot of times I feel like because of that people put a wall up and won’t entertain what I have to say. As Mack Collier so rightly pointed out in his recent epic post on this topic, that’s just not right. I have 20 years experience as a brand strategist, so what difference does it make that my blog is less than a year old?

    I thank you as I thanked him for helping break down that wall that separates the “cool kids” table in the cafeteria from the “new kids” table. Fortunately I’ve bumped up against many other kind people here who get that, too.

    You’re the best.


  2. Sue, I wish I knew where all the cool kids hung out. I don’t. I only know the one’s I know and certainly do not consider myself one of them. You are a superstar. Keep rockin it!

  3. Marc

    A little behind on my reading… agree with you — Sue is one of those far too rare people that don’t feel like they have to tell you they’re smart– they just focus on being smart.

    And yes, she’ll call bullshit on you faster than you can click submit on that blog post. But that is what the SocMe world needs, more peeps who call bullshit or maybe just challenge folks for the sake of debate.

    I think Keith Burtis made the comment the other day on Twitter that it seems the stream is now less about convo and more about promo — which is sad.

    Which is why I love your #SocialMedia chats… they force us all to set aside an hour a week to debate vs pontificate…


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