10 Killer Social Media and Web 2.0 Links

What people say about a brand or a company is equal, if not superior, to what the brand or company says about itself.-Me

I told you I was tapped out creatively on Twitter, but here are the 10 links I promised you.




Blue Fuego

Slick Plan

Peer Set

The 8 Irresistible Principles of Fun

Top 10 Social Media Presentations

10 Social Media Strategies From Top Brands



True Social CRM should be invisible for the vendor and transparent to the customer-Me again

6 thoughts on “10 Killer Social Media and Web 2.0 Links

  1. Sorry, but Prezi doesn’t convince me. I already looked at the service a few months ago and just don’t think it’s worth it.

    I simply don’t think Prezi enables you to give give better presentation. The only people for whom Prezi will be useful is people who are already very good at it and understand how to use the extra ooomph.

    That so many presentations suck is not the fault of the tool (i.e. Powerpoint). It’s the fault of the people creating those bad presentations and I’m convinced they’d create equally bad presentations with a different tool. If you want people to get better at designing presentation then I’d recommend a book like “Slide:ology” over a new tool.

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