The Top 45 Objections To Using Social Media


If you’ve been in the business of social media for any length of time, whether you have been selling it, marketing it, or implementing it, you will have heard one of the 45 objections below. What really makes this list though, is that the majority of it came from you and your clients and your experiences.  It was crowdsourced from Twitter!

However, There’s a larger and more important issue here though, and it’s one in which you can and should, use this list as your cheat sheet. YOU need to be able to answer all of these objections. Or at least anticipate that your clients and prospects will be voicing these concerns and more.

Feel free to add to this list.

1)  Why should I? I don’t need to. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean I have to.

2)  It’s a fad, I’m going to stick to what works for our business

3)  It costs too much

4)   I’m in no hurry

5)  I have no desire

6)  It will require too many resources within our company

7)  I’m worried about the legal ramifications

8)  We’re better off by doing nothing

9)  To risky

10) You can’t measure it

11)  We give up too much to the customer

12) We won’t make any money

13) We can’t control the message

14) We don’t know the first thing about social media

15) It will take too long to pay off

16) It will take too long to implement

17) It’s just a blog, twitter and Facebook- What’s that going to do?

18) I can do it/we can do it ourselves

19) It’s not worth it

20) Our customers are not on social networks

21) It’s too complicated

22) We can’t control our employees using it

23) I can’t it’s a legal issue

24) We want to control the message

25) We can’t support with our current management/management   doesn’t support

26) We’re B2B so there is no reason for us to engage consumers

27) It’s a regulatory issue. So no guidelines in place.

28) No trust

29) Don’t want to acknowledge negatives

30) Not our customers

31) Don’t have time to adapt to the technology

32) Social Media results are not easily visible to non-users

33) Fear of change and the unknown

34) Not our target market

35) Our customers don’t use social media

36) Our deadlines are more important than your Tweet goofs.

37) Privacy issues

38) No ROI potential

39) Lack of expertise

40) Lack of a market

41) We already do social networking, we have a facebook fan page.

42) Too complicated & therefore, we’ll look for alternative options

43) We’ve been fine without it

44) We’re waiting for it to mature

45) We tried it, it didn’t work.

46) ?

What are we missing?

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8 thoughts on “The Top 45 Objections To Using Social Media

  1. What about these:

    * It doesn’t fit our image/brand
    * The board would never go for it
    * We couldn’t sell that in upstairs
    * We don’t have that much to say

    Fun challenge! Let’s see what we can do to overcome the objections.


  2. @heather That makes 50, but you bring up the larger and better pt. We need to address each and look at how one answers the objection and overcomes it.

  3. I’ve just been reading Ken Burbary’s blog and came across an excellent story from Scott Monty. I think it’s a beauty in itself and doesn’t need any additional commentary:

    “A friend sent me a PDF of an article from a business journal in which a company expressed reservations about this new technology over which everyone seemed to be abuzz. They decided that they would restrict employees’ use of it, because of the fear of corporate secrets getting out, of insider information making its way to Wall Street, and of employees wasting their time on it. For that reason, they set up the hardware on a single station in the middle of everyone’s desks so that everyone could see how people were using it.

    That PDF was an article from a 1930s business journal and the technology was the telephone.”

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