Zappos Taps Mullen as Creative Agency but Disses Ignited

One of the participating shops, called Ignited, tracked the amount of time Zappos spent reviewing its submission. With the help of Google Analytics, Ignited found that the retailer had only viewed five pages of its 25-page submission, with an average page-view time of 14 seconds. Ignited then publicly criticized Zappos for what it felt was an inadequate review.

I’d be pissed too, but there must have been something in those 5 pages…

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2 thoughts on “Zappos Taps Mullen as Creative Agency but Disses Ignited

  1. A few random thoughts: #1. If you don’t want to be part of a cattle call, don’t participate. #2. I get Ignited’s aggravation, but it was phenomenally dumb to say anything public. #3. Would you want Ignited as your agency? I’d think twice after #2.

  2. @Daria Agree, there was obviously something wrong, but don’t go complaining about it. Analyze why you didn’t get picked and fix it. It so smells of sour grapes.

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