The Social Media Maze

Did you ever read the book, “Who moved my cheese?”

It is the story of four characters living in a “Maze” who face unexpected change when they discover their “Cheese” has disappeared. Now think about your journey of discovery with social media. Doesn’t it somewhat work in the same way? You keep looking and searching for the right fit for your needs regardless of whether you are a business or individual?

At some point, the social network, tool, or service ends up either not delivering what you want, or what you need, so you embark on the journey of finding the next best thing out there. Lots of dead ends, but you keep going.


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2 thoughts on “The Social Media Maze

  1. …oh, in the popularity race, Facebook is just another tree one passes on their way to a fictional finish line…

    Or to continue your use of the Maze Metaphor, Facebook is just a journey continued through blindly bumping against walls, and around obstacles…

    For a business “Popularity” is not the only outcome desired…it’s all about the conversion of traffic into meaningful action…

    Social Media for me is best used as a tool to engage viewers with the broader context of what I am offering on my website…

    Short social media interactions are a lot like passing someone on the street and waving to them as you do…but meaningful longer term interactions only occur when two entities stop long enough to have a conversation.

    I always like your post, thanks…


  2. @Martin or what happens as is somewhat common, the bell curve effect becomes evident. In that, at some point, its effectiveness diminishes and we move on. We can look at short social media interactions in the form of tools, and or conversations but in the end, it’s all utilitarian.

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