10 social sites I bookmarked last week and why.

Yes there are lots of websites and blogs to read; and for that reason a lot of times I bookmark them and hope to get back to them later. There’s a method to my bookmarking and it usually revolves around learning. I’m an infofreak and my thoughts are that I need to share more of this these bookmarks. So here goe…

Disclaimer* None of these companies paid me to do this and these are not in any kind of order.

1) Objectivemarketer seemed like an interesting site, though the description was ambigiuous but certainly worth trying out.

2) Evernote– Ive been meaning to check this out I just haven’t pulled the trigger on it. Anything that simplifies, I’m all for.

3) Lazyfeed– this seems pretty cool and is exactly what you might think. It’s a real time feed of topics that Lazfeed finds, sortable, searchable, findable, realtime monitoring. I believe its in beta, follow them On Twitter for a reg. code.

4) The Spinks Blog Not that David needs any help but he has an interesting read here and glad I finally went over to see what he had to say.

5) Eventful Find share and promote events- This could be a useful site. The jury is still out though.

6) Hubpages Still checking this one out too-Publish online with easy to use, non-techie tools

7) The ultimate list of basic SEO resources– This is pretty self explanatory no?

8)  What the fuck is social media one year later- this slide deck is a follow up by Marta Kagan from her immensely popular first deck on the same subject. Great to read and share, lots of useful stats.

9) The Ultimate list of Twitter tools Ignore the annoying popup and check this list. You never know what you might not know.

10) Why social media marketing fails This is really good, listen to the audio podcast featuring Peter Kim , Jeremiah Owyang and Charlene Li.

I love The filter aspect of Twitter and believe it or not, a lot of these originated from tweets. I just amassed them into an uber tweet for you 🙂

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5 thoughts on “10 social sites I bookmarked last week and why.

  1. Marc, thank you for putting together this informative list. Looking forward to studying them all. Sorry I haven’t commented in quite some time because I always find your insights very informative. The last 6 weeks, I’ve been busy writing content to launch my blog.

    Most importantly,I reference you in my blog post on Delivering Value with Twitter. It was inspired by your blog article earlier this year titled, Do Twitter Users Have an Obligation to Provide Value. Thank you for the generosity of kindness and encouragement along the way.

    All the best, Tony Faustino

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  3. Hey Mark,

    Thanks so much for including my blog in your list. Really glad you enjoyed it! I hope you’ll continue to join the conversation in the future.

    Of that list, I definitely recommend you step up and check out evernote. I was the same way with it. I downloaded it but never really used it. Now I love it.

    Just start saving your ideas to it, little bits of information you have to remember, passwords, login names, to-do lists, anything and you’ll start to see the value.


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