Old school… Say Hello to New School

If you don’t know who Toby Bloomberg is, then you should take the time to find out. She writes one of the top marketing/social media blogs in this space called Diva Marketing Blog, and it should be on your blog roll and in your feed reader as we speak. She is a warm, caring and brilliant strategic marketer.

Toby recently spoke at the AMA Marketing Strategy Conference in Orlando in which she gave a presentation titled First Generation of the Next Generation of Marketing.

One of the  many great things about Toby is that she knows how to utilize the power of her networks. Case in point,  she created the following slide for her presentation,  from a conversation that she and I had on Twitter.


Do you agree with the assertion?

3 thoughts on “Old school… Say Hello to New School

  1. Marc – thanks for your over the top words! Your right-on quote had the perfect touch of humor infused with important concepts that helped the participants new to social media begin to understand the complexity of this new exciting way to do business. Again .. my thanks you!

  2. Reading this post after attending Frost and Sullivan has me vigorously nodding my head in agreement.

    I don’t think that alot of CMO’s can easily wrap their heads around the value of social media. This is especially true when you’re not promising hard returns on investment. Additionally, many still see social media as an activity for idle hands and not as a true vehicle for business.

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