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It’s no secret that Pro Football is a billion dollar business. As such this Sunday’s matchup of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl is as much a national holiday as any other day we have, with the exception that it is on a Sunday. Even those that do not like football, find themselves doing something that revolves around the game. With that being said, check out this viral Reebok spot. It’s been out since September, but not as a compilation.

Reebok was and is one of the few companies that understand the viral effectiveness of sports, Pro football in particular, and it’s impact with fantasy football. The series was created by Blue Room

One of the most common aspects of Pro footballs involvement in the fabric of our society is from a fantasy football aspect. A great example of this would be the UFN or Ultimate Football Network. Which melds social media and fantasy football into one.

Speaking of social media, perhaps you want a MySpace page devoted to the NFL, the Super Bowl and Super Bowl Commercials? Look no further.

But perhaps you want your  NFL information on the go? Then perhaps you would like your Pro football content piped right into your mobile device via Pro Football Weekly.

I’ve  written in the past about what to watch out for, specifically 4 trends in the next 5 years. They are, mobile, social, search and mobile social. Well here you go.

Taking that a step further for this years Super Bowl, for the third year in a row, the NFL is asking fans to pick the pitch that will become its Super Bowl commercial. The pitches will be posted on and 48 of them will be eligible for voting. Fan participation, community and a built in audience-beautiful!

Building on that type of theme the NFL in an effort to trying to embrace the users and give them more reason to consume their content, has been using feature over the course of this past season that enable fans to comment on articles archived on Fans can then post comments with social networking personas and rate articles they have read on the site.

There’s also a live chat function that was activated at the start of the season that has been letting  people interact with a fantasy football editor every Sunday, and also engage in cyberspace dialogue with NFL officials.

They have also incorporated  a multimedia feature called the Replay Recutter in which visitors can select from a menu of game clips the league uploads to the micro-site weekly and self-produce edited versions. The program also gives  fans logos and music from the NFL Films archives, Now that is cool.

In short there is not a technology or marketing endeavor the NFL does not utilize in trying to empower it’s brand and it’s fan base. Whether its RSS feeds, blogs and personalized sites for each team, mobile & video and or audio which can be uploaded onto your social sites, your blogs, and your phones along with customizable widgets that continue to promote and extend the brand at every turn, the NFL leverages it’s brand better than any corporation in the Fortune 500 or Inc 1000.

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  1. Hey Marc,

    Great video! The NFL is certainly leveraging all the tools necessary to empower their brand, and as you point out, mobile applications will be a key outlet for content distribution and branding. I am looking forward to seeing your future post (s) on the most effective ways for companies to leverage all of these different mediums effectively.


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