Create the change


For 24 hours we get to NOT think about what ails this country. For 24 hours we get to smile. For one day we can look to our left, look to our right and see one color and one people with one thing in common.

We are for one day, “One nation under one groove”-to quote the song from Funkadelic.

But tomorrow looms heavy. We can’t afford movement for the sake of motion. I wish I could make it better, and I wish Barack Obama could go faster, but he can’t. If you are waiting for change. Don’t.

Don’t wait for change. Create the change.

6 thoughts on “Create the change

  1. There certainly is something special about today. Even though I’m just sitting in the office, working off my to do list as usual I feel that I have cause to smile today.
    But while I don’t wish to rain on anyone’s parade (least of all my own) today is merely ceremonial. We’re allowing ourselves a little more optimism than usual. But tomorrow we’ll wake up in the same world, and the work will begin.

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