Did social media teach you anything in 2008?

I know a lot more than I did in 2007 .. What about you? What did you learn?

That’s it…

2 thoughts on “Did social media teach you anything in 2008?

  1. 2008 was a year of discovery for me.

    Thanks to twitter I *mostly* figured out how to blog, turned it in to what is beginning to look like a super fun company-run skiing/snowboarding blog (http://grousepark.com) and found some of the most intelligent marketers on the face of the earth, who deliver more learning to my feed reader than Harvard Business School will ever do.

    I discovered Chris Brogan, Gary Vaynerchuk, Darren Rowse, Mark Davidson, Amber Naslund, Scott Monty and… well, you 🙂 among others.

    Thanks for shining a light in the muck!

  2. Social media taught me: how easy it is to get much smarter; that there is a fascinating conversation going on about marketing; and if I ever get bored or start feeling stale I can just hook back in.

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