Social Media in 2009 is as simple as this…


I’ve read a lot of 2009 predictions of what’s going to happen with social media, but I think this one will work for me. This is what or how I’m going to measure every engagement and work hard at showing every client that I pitch on social media.  Hopefully you will understand and maybe, just maybe,  you might want to adopt this mindset as well. Here it is.

If you are a customer or client or marketer that is looking at social media as something you can possibly adopt or fold into your marketing intiatives, then measure social media this way..

Will social media save me a dollar?  or Will social media make me a dollar?

If you can answer either one of those questions with a yes, then why wouldn’t you try some aspect of it?  Simple.

4 thoughts on “Social Media in 2009 is as simple as this…

  1. I think social media will save me dollars than earning . at least not yet.. social media is still in its early stages to come to a level where we can call it an earning stream

  2. I agree with you in concept, Marc, but disagree with the word, “Will.”

    Surely you’d agree that many firms can’t answer those questions with the word, “Will,” but nod the affirmative if you substituted, “Do I want to save money and earn profit?”

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