Sensitive marketing. 11 simple questions for marketers


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, but…

  1. Do marketers have any idea of of the level of pain and frustration and fear that envelopes the people that they are currently marketing to?
  2. How are they or you addressing it?
  3. What are they or you doing to change yours or their tactics? You cannot market the same way you did in the good times.
  4. Are you even asking the hard questions?
  5. Are you meeting your clients and prospects halfway?
  6. Is what you are marketing and selling, solving problems in any economy?
  7. Are they problems that are different now because of the current state of the economy? YES.
  8. So how are you adapting?
  9. Are you changing the way you market to them?
  10. Are you touting social media and social media marketing? You have a case. But
  11. How well are you wrapping that case and your argument around today’s problems?

Marketing in a poor economy is no doubt what we are faced with right now which means that you have to be sensitive not only to the challenges that you are going to face, but also of the people that you are talking to on a daily basis. Some might say that the timing is right for social media marketing to be the panacea for what is ailing a lot of companies right now, but that remains to be seen. In the meantime what might be needed is a brand of sensitive marketing.

You Think About It.