Viral Question: 20 Things I can do without

I just read a post where someone wrote about 100 things you should buy while you still can, and I decided to go the other direction. I’m going to make this a semi-viral tweet as well and see how many I can get from Twitter. 100 would be cool. If I don’t get 100 thats’ ok, its another fun twitter experiment. I’m going to give it the #100 hashtag. Bad idea since it applies to wine. I’ll continue to compile as we go as well. 

  1. How to make money online pitches-the only ones making money are the shills pitching it.
  2. Another report on our failing economy-enough already
  3. Another company laying off workers-when does that end?
  4. Another forclosure-the pain is large.
  5. Another Bailout-Why is it on our dime?
  6. About half the clothes in my closet-They need to go to someone who really needs them
  7. Premium cable channels-you can watch them online.
  8. Snacks, thanks Seth Godin
  9. The social media echo
  10. People that don’t get it-on lots and lots of different levels.
  11. Professional sports teams that continue to dole out money to athletes in times like these.
  12. Bad news
  13. I could do without the motrin echo on Twitter
  14. I can do without somali pirates
  15. I can do without the perceived “giving back” of wall street execs
  16. I can do without retweeting bad news
  17. I could do without watching peoples lives go up in flames in california 
  18. I could do without the economic forecasters and their always pleasant news
  19. I could do without people leaving this earth too soon
  20. I could do without shameless self promotion on Twitter

What could you really do without?

2 thoughts on “Viral Question: 20 Things I can do without

  1. People who think they know my market because they’re listening to nationwide media and “predict” prices will fall another 73%…they haven’t fallen 73% yet…how can they fall “another” 73%???…yawn!

  2. Hearing the word “meme”.

    Which if you break it down, is really all about ME. ME. As in “look how smart me is to be able to use ‘meme’ in a sentence!”

    Try dropping “taxonomy” casually in a sentence. THAT’S impressive. 😉

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