Where does UGC rank on your trust meter? 10 perspectives on User Generated Content.

This is going to be an ongoing viral tweet. and I will continue to update. I think it’s a very important topic.

I’m going to start off with a great post from Steve Rubel titled ethical social media marketing that I think we should all read and send to others.

Next here’s an article from newsweek in which the author thinks that the UGC pendulum is swinging back towards the experts.

Better read this one user-generated content site gets sued by copyright owner for naughty uploading habits of users

From an SEO perspective we have: Maximizing SEO Returns with User Generated Content

Here’s a blog dedicated to UGC

Here’s a great article by Paul Chin about the value of UGC which I highly recommend.

Want to know about the rise of user generated content? Read this article from Entrepreneur

and then the dark side-or When user generated content goes bad

Are you someone’s user generated content? and All (User-Generated) Content Doesn’t Want to Be Free:

Now at this point you should be getting the gist. So, what are your thoughts on user generated content? Do you put more trust in your peers and communities than you do traditional media, online media and word of mouth? Who’s blog do you trust? who’s opinion do you bank on? Do you find yourself spending more time online than watching or listening or reading traditional media sources?

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1 thought on “Where does UGC rank on your trust meter? 10 perspectives on User Generated Content.

  1. I can definitely see a shift towards more professional, vetted information, but I think user generated content is here to stay. Especially as it relates to a marketing perspective.

    Tools like user reviews, social bookmarks, and other ‘peer review’ type tools are becoming increasingly popular ways for prospects to weigh a particular product or service. People are ignoring traditional advertising mediums and are turning to their circles of influence to help them make buying decisions.

    It’s for these reasons it’s important for businesses to geniunely try to build a relationship with their customers. No, you can’t satisfy everyone and not everyone will give you a good review, but if you do your best to at least understand their complaints, it’ll go a long way towards stemming any negative comments that might leak out.

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