Seize this moment to make a difference.

I wrote something down 2 weeks ago. Gary Vaynerchuck gave a keynote at web 2.0 expo in NYC and mentioned it and it’s still resonating with me. Ari Herzog, whos blog posts I’m enjoying more and more, blogged about it last week. And today, on September 29th 2008 it makes as much sense to me now than anything I’ve heard over the last few days let alone weeks and months. What is it? it’s this:

Legacy is greater than currency.”

I wish I could have thought of that. I know some of you are saying this right now-“Dude, do you have any idea of the financial straits I’m in?” Trust me, there are very few people right now who are not hurting, I get that. But the point of me letting you in on Gary’s point is this.

Times like these, lend themselves to people who can help others. Times like these allow people to really share their knowledge with those who can benefit the most from it.  For example, If you’re on the tech, or marketing side of the house, do you have any idea how much or how valuable the things you do or can do, are needed right now? The things, the actions, that you leave behind in your life will be greater than the money you made and the money you’ve accumulated. Your legacy, your footprint is more important.

Your legacy right now can be defined by what you do in the next 12-24 months. If you start today to define it. You can either complain or bemoan the current state of affairs or you can try and do something that can make a difference in your life which can inherently make a difference in others. It’s up to you. Are you going to take? Or are you going to give? It doesn’t have to be a lot. But reach out to someone and help them out. They really need it right now.

Maybe we need a national, “Reach out and affect someone’s life day?”

3 thoughts on “Seize this moment to make a difference.

  1. I like that, Marc: National Reach Out and Affect Someone’s Life Day. Should it be every September 29?

    Thanks for the plug. How else can I help you?

  2. Over the last week or so I’ve been tied up with so much work that the only media I’ve seen is what is on TV while I’m getting ready in the morning. The coverage is all doom and gloom with no answers. I was getting really depressed!
    Today I’ve only been online for an hour reconnecting with all the thought leaders I follow and my outlook has been completely reversed. Thanks for contributing to the solution, Marc.

  3. @Scott, it’s either curl up in a ball and rock back and forth, or you can make a change either in what you are doing or you can change someone else’s life. Empower someone. Thank you for stopping by.


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