Are you ready to become a social media “doer”?

I was reading Joseph Jaffe’s latest post on the Agency of the future in which one of his points was that brand marketers are wanting someone or a company with more experience and knowledge in regards to the digital space.

It struck me that the majority of brand marketers are currently searching for someone who gets it. Or at least for someone who get’s it, until they get it.  Which makes me wonder how many of us out there right now, could take a company where they want to go? Sure we all have an idea, or maybe a clue, at least I hope you do, but how many of you could map out a plan, that works? I’m guessing not as many, which leads me to my main question of how many of you are willing to take the lead instead of languishing in the echo chamber?

 With that being said, here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Are you a social media “me too” person?
  • Could you sit down today and map out a social media plan that could garner results either for yourself or a company?
  • What are you doing to become a social media doer or leader?
  • How long are you going to sit on the sidelines?
  • Have you really tried?

Once you answer these questions, see where you’re coming up short and do something about it. You can only read and write about it so much. A great resource for “how to’s” if you need it, is Chris Brogan   But most of all, practice what you preach! Get out of the fishbowl and go do it dammit!

1 thought on “Are you ready to become a social media “doer”?

  1. Hi Marc,

    As always, great post.

    Having been a Community Manager for almost 3 years, I’ll throw down my advice to “doers” or wannabes:

    Make sure you exercise patience & compromise with everyone – and I mean everyone you work with both internally & externally. Some people get it. Some people get it, but see things differently on how to implement new media. Others, don’t get it and will most likely “get it” when it’s too late.

    Next, make sure that you are flexible. I adapt & change my internal business plan every month to meet the needs of our company while jumping through the hoops created by ever-changing tech.

    Lastly, keep your eye on the ball as to what is important to your business – plans change, but when the day is over we all have a business that we are responsible for.

    This holds true with new & cool technology (e.g. Plurk?) – now may not be the right time to implement, so exercise that patience I mentioned.

    I could end with “scalability” – but that’s a whole separate blog post 😉

    Keep up the good work and hope to see you at one of the many upcoming central Florida tech events.



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