7 sites to visit today.


I’m going to make it easy on you. Here are 7 things that were interesting to me and maybe you should read them in your spare time today or tomorrow.

Chris Kieff says that Seth Godin screwed up, I know it’s shocking isn’t it?

Adam Cohen thinks that there is a danger of communities becoming too diluted I think what he means is that social networks are becoming too water downed, too many choices perhaps? You decide.

Kami Huyse espouses that a course in basic human etiquette might be better than one in blogger relations, which I think we could all use since manners and etiquette have gone away quicker than you can text BRB.

Discover the real you here at Signal Patterns

Rohit Bhargava, freshly back from China, posts on an Insiders guide to marketing on Flickr, in detail.

Brian Solis with the second part of his three part series the socialization of your personal brand

Here is a rockin post by Geoff Livingston that you have to read, titled The Naturals

6 thoughts on “7 sites to visit today.

  1. Hi Mark – Thanks very much for including me in a list with some very established company, I’m honored and appreciate the mention. I also learned of a couple more blogs worth readying and subscribing to that I hadn’t heard of before, thanks for that too. Chris’s Kieff’s conversation re: Seth Godin has a lot going on in the comments, including responses from Seth directly. Good stuff.

  2. This doubled my reading tonight. I was doing something, wanted to check in on some blogs I hadn’t read just lately, and you’ve sent me off in all directions. Great plan!

  3. @ Chris, just streamlining your required reading

    @Kami What you wrote aboout should be required reading

    @Ari, you are doing a great job on SMT as well!

    @Adam, no worries, your blog posts were a good read.

  4. Wow, top billing, just for calling Seth out. I wonder what would happen if I aimed a little higher? Thanks Marc, and BTW like Chris said thanks for the additional reading suggestions.


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