Social media pie charts for 2008

Sometimes I feel like social media is like the following pie chart.

Where the majority of people are talking about it (blue), some are actually doing some pretty cool things in the space (red) and others wannabe in the space and think they are in the space (green) and very very few are actually experts (tan). What do you think? .

4 thoughts on “Social media pie charts for 2008

  1. I think you’re right, but I would probably recategorize the walkers into two groups: practitioners and experimenters/dabblers. There are lots of intereactive marketers in the stages of “let’s start small and try this out,” but not as many who are into social media as a regular part of their daily activities.

  2. I disagree. Yes, there are a few people who really are experts in a broad field, and who participate in social media as experts in that field. But “the rest of us” shift between all of those roles moment-by-moment. We are experts on some points, wannabes on others… Even the “experts” are talkers, walkers, or wannabes on subjects outside of their area of expertise.

    IMHO, this is what make social media so powerful. We each bring something to the party. A sort of knowledge potluck. I’ll bring the salad.

  3. @Linda, I completely understand where you are coming from. I think a lot of what I was referring to was the “paper lion” to pull a phrase from George Plimpton. Those that are talking about the sexy new shiny thing in the corner because everyone else is. I’d say most, are talking it under the guise of trying to rell in some really gullible unsuspecting clients. Which is not fair for the rest.

    I actually feel the same as you, that for most of us, we flutter from one camp to the next because we are all in a constant state of flux-learning and practicing as we go. If you’re bringing the salad, I hope its that spinach salad with berries, nuts, and poppyseed dressing. I’ll bring a whole bunch of wine.

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