Twebinar 3, a Mashup of Heavy Hitters

So yesterday was the final Twebinar in the series of 3. I’ve written about how successful the other 2 were and this one did not disappoint. What makes these twebinars better than good, are the components, that in their own right are singularly successful.  Combined into a mashup of staccato like proportions though, they then take on a life of their own.. It is in short a live show, a webinar, live video, taped video, live Q & A, and twitter. Will it blend? Ohhhh yea it did and yes it does.

Each of the Twebinars is and was hosted by Chris Brogan  from Crosstech Media, who currently is the pied piper of all things social media related and rightly so. Chris knows everyone and everyone knows Chris, so it works. Along with David Alston from Radian 6, Chris and David have melded multiple technologies and people into a workable format for robust discussions. In the course of the hour plus twebinar Chris trots out all of the hitter heavy hitters in marketing, PR and social media like Todd Defren, Maggie Fox, Sally Falkow, and Paul Gillin, to name a few, and in rapid fashion they give you their take on all things, in this case, the art of listening in the space that we all are swimming in right now. How to listen, as I tweeted yesterday is not a novel concept, but you would be surprised how often it is ignored and overlooked as a tool of measurement. All of yesterdays guests and fellow twitterers essentially said nothing to the contrary either.

I’ll tell you why I like twebinars. It’s an opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas and opinions on what I think works, with my peers, with my colleages, and with people that are looking for answers. All in an insanely fun and interactive format. In fact, all of the participants have that exact opportunity because we are as much a part of the twebinar as are the people that Chris had on. It’s why it works.

Glitches? A few but all temporary and expected. The upside? 95% of those who participated woudl do it again. And the downside?  I’m sure there was a downside if someone chose to find one, but on the surface, I’d say Chris and David, and all those who were a part of the Twebinars, would say in baseball parlance, went three for three. To check out the tweets from yesterdays Twebinar, Try #tweb3 on Summize. I would keep your 2 ears open for the next one.

5 thoughts on “Twebinar 3, a Mashup of Heavy Hitters

  1. Thanks so much for your write up. I was happy to see you there, and even answered one of your questions (I think). Man, the questions were coming in super fast. We had over 1400 #tweb3 mentions come in (Marcel will know the number because he’s that kind of guy). I tried to field a bunch, but whew. : )

    You know, it’s funny how it’s not immediately obvious, but the notion of using twitter as the chat is to prove a point: it’s difficult to listen. Twitter is frenetic, and that’s just one place. Imagine trying to listen in the dark, meaning you’re not sure where the conversation is.

    That’s part of the cleverness of promoting something like Radian6 by using chaotic Twitter. Because one you realize how crazy ONE website is to track, imagine going after the entire blogosphere, news sites, forums, etc.

    Nuts, eh?

    And thanks for the kind words about me. I make a heavy effort to get to know people.

  2. @Chris Happy to be there. It was very frenetic. Some of the questions were great and some still remained unanswered but that’s ok. Allows more time to figure it out amongst ourselves. And yes you somewhat answered the question but I’m cool with it.

  3. Thanks again for a super writeup on Tweb#3. I have to agree with Chris that, whew, it was fast-paced fun and interaction. And more interaction on this one if you compare to #1 and #2 as the number of tweets per event continues to rise.

    We’ve actually pulled together a short-list of many of the questions and ideas that were shared on Twitter during the Twebinar. Short-list, probably more like medium-2-long-list 🙂 But it’s a great collection and if we can swing it over the next few weeks we are going to try to post thoughts/questions/answers around as many as possible. Maybe too big of an elephant to eat but hopefully a bite at a time…

    Really enjoyed having you participate in each Twebinar. As for the next series there is nothing on the books yet. We’ll probably take a breather as we head into the “physical” conference season this fall. But come Spring, you never know.

    Thanks again.

  4. @David, thanks for providing a forum that we all can take part in. Because of the physical limitations, this works for so many of us that have enough on their plate that the best we can do is partake in this no holds bar, zero physical limitations mashup!


  5. Wait – wait – are you callin’ me a heavy hitter? Say, that’s cool. Could you tell my wife & kids that, please? 😉

    Seriously, though, glad you enjoyed it. This was a good write-up of Tweb3.

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