There needs to be a little of Randy Pausch in all of us

Valeria Maltoni could not have said it any better in this post titled There’s a Randy Pausch in Each Person. I echo her sentiments by saying if there is not already some Randy Pausch in each and every one of us, then there needs to be.

Read her post. It made my week. Along with the ensuing conversation between her and myself and David Armano, it has really made me glad that I know both of them to the limited degree that I do. Be sure to read David’s post in which he says that we really need to make every interaction count. My question to you, are you making every interaction count? I bet you are online, but what about offline?

1 thought on “There needs to be a little of Randy Pausch in all of us

  1. Marc:

    I am so glad you found the time to add to the conversation. Now my friend Peter from Australia added an intriguing twist – he’s been known to do that. And it’s thanks to your contribution that many strands got connected. Thank you!

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