Joseph Jaffe goes off on Sprint, Sony, T-Mobile, Target and Starbucks

I find myself detatching myself from every pitch, commercial, sales and marketing push and looking at it from what was the goal of the company that is trying to reach me. Why or what is their thinking. Do they know me? Do they care? What demo do they think I am if I am viewing or receiving the message?

If you watch Joseph Jaffe’s video rant here to the Association of National Advertisers’ Integrated Marketing Conference, nothing aggravates uber-blogger Jaffe more than marketers that employ fakery, manipulation and heavy-handed lawyers in their social-media interactions with consumers.

Yes these are the social media mistakes of large marketers, but it can be easily done on any level..check it out. question to you is, shouldn’t large marketers have the resources in house to GET IT?



4 thoughts on “Joseph Jaffe goes off on Sprint, Sony, T-Mobile, Target and Starbucks

  1. @Joseph, what really is amazing, is that, with all the resources that large marketers have at their disposal, they use them in such non-sensical ways when it comes to learning more about their customers. Furthermore, I’m amzed at the ideas that are hatched, without any realization of the repercussions or fallout that is associated with some of these campaigns. Thanks Joseph.

  2. It’s proof that even large companies are shooting from the hip; or maybe they were just sold well by an ad agency?

    We may put these companies on pedestals because of their large sales and extent of market reach, but the reality is they are all still run by people… people make decisions based on egos, selfishness, money, etc.

    Those that I appreciate market from their hearts. Well, there’s my perspective anyway. Example of someone marketing to me in a real way… Stride’s sponsorship of video that’s all over youtube. I guess all Stride did was pay for the trip, however I look at them differently now after seeing that video. Was that good manipulation or bad manipulation on their part?

    Thanks for sharing Marc!

    P.S. I’m adding that contact page… thanks for the advice. Please next time feel free to shake me and slap me across the face to get your point across!

  3. Well Jaffe himself does tend to blunder around the blogosophere, lurching from one social media SNAFU to another. From the disastrous Second Life “launch” to the Camera/ iPhone shills. Maybe a spokesperson from one of the above companies should put him in his place…

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