Traditional Media is afraid of Web 2.0

Jake McKee promised that this might be the most significant thing I see/read/watch this year. In a sense he’s right. I love when people make me think. Clay Shirky made me think. And what he says makes sense. You might have to watch it twice but what I take away from it and told Jake essentially the same thing, are three things. 1) traditional media is scared shitless about what is happening right now. Consumers with voices? And the ability to use them? 2) We all have a surplusof cognitive surplus and 3) The old, one voice marketing to many with traditional channels of one way communication are dying on the vine.

4 thoughts on “Traditional Media is afraid of Web 2.0

  1. Thanks for the comments. I do think that this realization of historical context is an important one. And yes, certainly makes you think!

    (Not Jack :))

  2. Jake… harm a fast and furious 2 finger typist, with a complete disdain for spelling, typos, puntuation and the 4th estate…

  3. It’s not just the traditional media that’s quivering; it’s consumers as well. There is a dichotomy here that while users LOVE to be able to contribute, they generally HATE that Web 2.0 destinations and marketers are able to accumulate tremendous customized information about them. Perhaps it’s a slow and steady process, but when consumers, as a whole, embrace individualized marketing made possible via Web 2.0 technologies, is when the Web will have truly transformed. If Traditional Media can find a way to fund that change (much like they funded news consumption from local to cable); they’ll reap the benefits.

  4. I have to assume it’s a consumers reluctance to be so transparent. They want to embrace everything that web 2.0 has to offer but they are wary of sharing the information that web 2.0 tools require or want.

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