4 More Social Media Luminaries

First I wanted to thank some of the gracious people who got back to me in regards to my post about 30 social media experts, evangelists and pundits. It was a fun list to compile and did not really expect to hear from some, and am surprised I did not hear from others. So much for the conversation? too busy? traveling? 3 day weekend? Nevertheless I want to thank Chris Brogan, B.L Ochman, Valeria Maltoni, Phil Gomes and Toby Bloomberg, Their responses to this post were more than gracious and reinforces why I read their blogs on a regular basis.

Sure, I know I should be bashing twitter right now, but Chris is all over it like a cheap suit, and there’s nothing I can think of thats going to change it except to say that Twitter is effin up in a big way. Maybe IT IS time to go over to Friend Feed? Actually I have, I just don’t use it as much…yet.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, One of our Top 30, who rocks the effin house, has graciously provided me with 4 more peeps/peers that we can add to the list. Here they are, and I must admit, they were great additions to this list.

Geoff Livingston
Rajesh Lalwani
Jeneane Sessum
Paul Chaney

I’m still open to add to this list as it might be a pretty cool list to maybe work up to 50. or maybe this is it? Maybe the conversation only consists of 34? You tell me.





5 thoughts on “4 More Social Media Luminaries

  1. You will like Groundswell. I particularly enjoyed learning about analyzing what your audience online habits are. That is very useful to learn if you are planning to create any kind of social media platform, which needs to meet your business strategy (what you are trying to accomplish), so you know what you are measuring. It is tremendously helpful to know what your customers may respond to, which will make a difference in how you build what you build.

    Keep up the good work. And thank you again for the inclusion.

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  3. Thanks for adding me. Indeed honored to be listed among the likes of Toby Bloomberg, Chris Brogan, Geoff Livingston and the others.

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