30 Top Social Media Experts, Pundits, Evangelists and Marketers

If I spent all my time reading their blogs, there would not be enough time to do anything else. So I want to ask everyone out there,  Who else should be on the list?. By compiling the list, maybe it will help others narrow down the search, increase the conversation, hone in on what they are interested in and reduce the amount of time it takes to read their prose.

This is by no means an exact list but it’s certainly a WIP. I need everyone’s help in compiling this though!

There is no order. <—–truer words have never been spoken?

Christopher Carfi

JD Lasica

Brian Solis

Phil Gomes

Nathan Gilliatt

Lena West

Linda Zimmer

Sally Falkow

John Hingley

Peter Shankman

Charlene Li

Jeremiah Owyang

Shel Israel

Robert Scoble

Rohit Bhargava

Chris Brogan

Mack Collier

Scott Monty

Christina Kerley

Mike Sansone

Toby Bloomberg

B.L. Ochman

Greg Verdino

Mitch Joel

Josh Bernoff

Jackie Huba

Ben McConnell

Valeria Maltoni

David Armano

* Seth Godin

*Jason Breed

46 thoughts on “30 Top Social Media Experts, Pundits, Evangelists and Marketers

  1. BL, to be honest, I’m honored that I get to read, understand, share, and repeat 25% of the collective brain power of this group. I am by no means close to being an expert, but I do feel that I can spread the knowledge that you and your peers so generously share to others who have absolutely no clue as to what we are in the midst of. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

  2. I love lists. I really do. On one side, I get to see people that I admire put up there near me. But in the best of cases, I find someone that you’ve “discovered,” and get to add them to the mix.

    Thank you!

  3. Thank you for the mention and inclusion, Marc. I like how you highlighted both Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell – they each bring something distinct to the conversation. Same for Charlene and Josh. I am reading Groundswell right now and have already sent a copy to a colleague.

  4. @Chris, I have a distinct feeling that it really is only the tip of the iceberg, but I rely on lists like these to help me. So my hope would be that someone could turn me on to even others. Though trying to stay in the loop with just 30 can be tough. But thank you for taking the time to check out the list. I’m glad you benefited. Is there anyone I should add?

  5. Valeria, I’m staring at the book as we speak and am plowing through Scoble’s Naked Conversations, yes it’s dated to a small degree but it’s really neat to compare notes and appreciate that i’m right where I need to be…for now…today at least!

  6. Marc –
    I sound like an echo in the great halls of social media .. but I’m honored to be include with so many folks that I admire and respect. Thank for taking the time to research and put this list together.

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  8. Marc,

    I read about this list on Toby Bloomberg’s Blog and am thrilled to see her listed! Thanks for also turning us on to other Social Medial Experts – I am off to check them out!

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder
    Women’s eCommerce Association

  9. I think you certainly nailed it in creating this A-list of social media experts and I do echo your sentiment that this is the tip of the iceberg.

    While I know several of these personally, you introduced me to some whose names I did not recognize. Thanks.

  10. I was robbed. Again.

    But on a serious note, the thing that I love about lists is that it provides a starting point to dig deeper on a topic. I don’t read everyone on this list currently, but I know they all are on a topic I’m interested in and give me a few directions to go next. Thanks.

  11. I think collectively they could come up with another list. We’ll come up with a new one in the fall I think. Thanks for joing the conversation Ryan, sorry about the Yahoo thing, but as one door closes, another opens.

  12. @David, that’s an interesting list. It’s going to get pretty big pretty quick. Your blog has a lot in it. I’ll be sure to check back from time to time-

  13. As the person in charge of unrolling a social media campaign at my job, I am comforted that I knew of most the people listed. This just gives me a springboard to look into those that are soon to be familiar. Thanks for the help!

  14. @Lyndsey, it is by no means a complete list. I as well am an admirer and was merely giving back to them for providing me and others with the tools and the thoughts that make it easier for me to communicate and understand and build the momentum that is social media and all its elements.

    Good luck with your endeavor, if I cane ever help or be of assistance, let me know.


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  19. I just read about your list on Toby’s blog as I did some research for an upcoming post about Blogger Relations. I was glad to find your blog and of course think you have many of the “players” on the list. I would add Geoff Livingston and Shel Holtz to the list.

  20. @Kami, I added Geoff to another and am not sure if I added Shel if not, though you’re right, I would be remiss if I did not add him. Thanks for stopping by.


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  25. I hired Cole Imperi several months ago to speak at a large company with over 15,000 employees. I had also hired at one point or another 3 of the people you listed above to speak at various company events as well. Cole was by far the best.

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  27. What about Joel Comm? the guy wrote the book on Twitter I just finished reading. Twitter Power. It’s very good and I have been following his work for some time.

    Excellent list!

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  30. Here a few guys that I think have “the real thing”

    – Bernie Borges from findandconvert.com
    – Dr. Rachna Jain, Chief Social Marketer at MindshareCorp.com, and lead developer of The Mindshare Method (sm), a social media based lead generation and profit strategy.

    Explore their social media places such as their podcasts and blogs and you will see!

    I hope to be able to contribute with value assets to this emerging new wave named social media network.

    Best regards.

  31. Just found this list and it’s super helpful for researching what the pros are doing. Have bookmarked and will reference! Thanks for putting in the work.

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  34. This is a brilliant list – I find the pretender the most irritating. I think most people are used to using social channels now but it doesn’t mean they know how to use them in a strategic context. Creating a simple blog, Twitter or Facebook page isn’t hard – it’s really simple. However, creating a community where the readers, fans and followers engage with each other more than the brand itself is what people should really be looking for. Social media is social our job is to keep it that way.

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