28 thoughts on “The top 15 political social networking sites

  1. It’s great to see the amount of effort put forth for this cause. The Internet is our greatest opportunity to finally let the people speak for themselves in politics. The greatest opportunity for democracy in quite some time, methinks.

    And thanks for putting this list together – it’s the only one I’ve ever seen.

    – Jesse Helfrich, 20DC.com

  2. My company just started a political social networking site at comitium.tv. Users video blog there opinions for, against, or with a better idea to the issues the candidates on the site raise. Users of the site then vote on the videos of other users and it moves the top videos up. This gives an interactive experience with the candidates that use the website. It also gives candidates a better understanding of the people they serve or hope to one day serve. We are in the process of getting candidates signed up for the 2010 elections and hope to start gaining attention in March 2010.

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  4. With over 2 years of research and development, http://www.OurFreedomNetwork.com is about to hit the scene by storm.
    It has more political networking tools than any other service or software platform, requires no installation on your computer, provides profiles, self-propagating blogs, event calendars, polling systems, photo galleries, live chatrooms, specialist teams, group and network organizing, campaign website generation and much more.

    It is continually evolving to provide what it’s members need, with no ‘upgrade fees’ to pay. It’s initial scheduled launch is March 15th, 2010 but you can already sign up and use the public forums areas on the site. At under $25 a year, or $2.50 per month for a membership, Members get even more power than most systems and services that cost into the hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up, and thousands per month to maintain.

    OurFreedomNetwork.com – Political Networking at it’s Best

  5. SpiveyWorks Notes lets you create political pages for your cause for free. Embed Twitter and YouTube feeds or write your own content.

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  7. I enjoyed reading and reviewing these sites – I also want to mention a new site in Beta that I am building called the Harrington-Network.

    Designed and developed exclusively for the political industry, the Harrington Network uses technology to connect, engage, and influence the political process.

    Features include an E-commerce platform with workrooms that allow vendors and political consultants to bid on contracts; video chat rooms for debates, press conferences, or video blogging; and our new “Raise Your Voice” advocacy point system that allows members to make money for their participation and efforts on behalf of candidates they support.

    Just wanted to mention it in case anyone had interest in taking a look at the site and giving us feedback. Thanks, Neal Harrington

  8. The last website that I saw, that was the best and the cleanest site for political social network for the American voter is http://www.TellMyGov.com it has more tools than Facebook and you do get your voice heard because they sponsor radio interviews with politicians and you the member get to ask them. So don’t wait and go sign up and see what it is all about

  9. I have been a member on PoliticallySocial.com for a few years now. They have a new look and it’s a pretty cool site for Democrats and Republicans. They accept you no matter what side of the isle you’re on. They just like to talk about the issues.


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