The top 10 social networking sites for October 2007

I’d like to revisit this after the FB/Beacon fall out because I think the reality of it is that I don’t think Facebook is going to lose millions of users because of it. Having said that. here they are:

  1. MySpace -58.8 million unique visitors
  2. Facebook -19.5 milllion
  3. Classmates Online -13.2 million
  4. Wiindows Live Spaces -10.3 million
  5. AOL Hometown -7.9 million
  6. LinkedIn -4.9 million
  7. AOL People Connection -4 million
  8. -4 million
  9. Club Penguin -3.8 million
  10. Buzznet -2.3 million

Looking at the list from a growth standpoint and taking the same month from the previous year shows that Linkedin had the biggest percentage growth at 189%. The site experiencing the biggest loss from the previous year was AOL people connection. Other big gainers were #2 Club Penguin at 157% and #3 Facebook at 125%. MySpace only grew 19% and looks to be finally leveling off.

LinkedIn would appear to have the biggest value add as a “true” social network in which people actually “network” for busiiness reasons; whereas Facebook has the appeal to the college demo for example, for the sole purpose of “hooking up” or connecting with like-minded individuals. There are some other sites that are fast on the rise, and  we would like to know from our readers if there is a site in particular that needs to be on everyone’s radar.