The Top 25 most visited websites in the world

Now before you start disputing these, these figures are according to Alexa. But beyond that, what trend do you see here?  2 things are painfully obvious. Ok 3, now it’s your turn to tell me what they are. Tell me what jumps out at you?

  1. Yahoo!
  2. Google
  3. Windows Live
  4.  YouTube 
  5. Microsoft Network (MSN)
  6. Myspace
  7. Facebook
  8. Wikipedia
  9. Hi5
  10. Orkut
  13. Megaupload
  14. Friendster
  15. Yahoo!カテゴリ(Japan)
  16. search engine)
  17. Fotolog
  18. Microsoft Corporation
  20. 腾讯网(
  21. EBay
  22. Skyrock
  23. Почта
  24. Google Chile
  25. Google

8 thoughts on “The Top 25 most visited websites in the world

  1. All I can see for trends is that if you add up all the Google sites and properties, it’s pretty massive.

    And trend 2, only 20 percent are not english sites.

    What’s three?

  2. 3. What the hell is doing google Chile out there? (I’m chileand and it looks like out of the picture to me).

  3. Yahoo is the number 1 in the world? I thought google would defenitely be higher than that on the list…

  4. I’m amazed that Facebook and MySpace are not in the number one and two spots. And eBay at number 21 makes no sense at all. I’m sure all the marketing managers will be feeling some heat from above.

  5. i think all the google sites, yahoo sites and sites of microsoft are in fact not sites, they are platform like things, they should be excuded from the list

  6. this is impossible man how yahoo comes top in the list but…… how??? yahooo is not that popular than is the best and best and best of every thing ..please check the usage properly uknow i itself will go to google atleast 50 times a day..

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