The top 26 Social Networks for Business.

We have concentrated so much on niches in regards to social networks, i.e. music, baby boomers and video, that we thought we should shift the focus towards a more business centric viewpoint. Interestingly enough, the basis of these and all social networks really had it’s start in the business world. In part because that was how deals were made, relationships were formed and jobs were had. It was based on who you knew!

Having said that, lets look at the top social network sites geared towards Business interests.


Affinity Circles


The Square

Contact Networks

Neighborhood America

Corporate Alumni


Entre Mate

Friendly Favors

I’m not from here






Networkiing for Professionals


Real Contacts



Select Minds



Visible Path


Feel free to suggest some that I might have missed.

5 thoughts on “The top 26 Social Networks for Business.

  1. Would like to call your attention to introNetworks, one of the first true B2B social networking platforms. introNetworks debuted at the TED Conference in 2003 and since has created gated communities for employees, partners, customers and events for hundreds of companies. The software specifically focuses on providing an easy to deploy and easy to configure system that delivers business intelligence that serves to help management improve their product, services and offerings to their various audiences.

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  3. Brandstation is a collaboration and brand communications platform for companies to engage their internal staff and provide enticing experiences for external brand communications. Sharing information across teams in a social and dynamic way the Brandstation platform enables companies to enjoy the functionality of a Web 2.0 corporate social network for team collaboration.

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