I came across the site of one of the people who has ventured upon our blog here and decided to check it out. The site is called ThoughtOffice<—Dispel any notions you might have of the “thought police”. This site is essentially an incubator for your ideas.

Here’s a blurb…

“Get creative. Solve big problems fast. Craft intelligent, compelling presentations in minutes. Instant access to PhD, MBA and Domain Expertise. 13,920 Questions. 7,420,000 answers. Develop your ideas, perfect, organize, protect and share with ThoughtOffice.”

With ThoughtOffice you will:

  • Develop an idea a minute.
  • Install and get productive in under 5 minutes.
  • Craft a winning presentation in 10 minutes.
  • Solve a big problem with precision in 30 minutes.
  • Coach an executive in real-time.
  • Craft a term paper at the 11th hour.
  • Storyboard a video in 30 minutes.
  • Comp 5 killer ad concepts in 30 minutes (with stock photos!)
  • Write a business plan in 1/5th the time.
  • Solve a personal or business conflict in an hour

    Check it out. I’m tempted to try it. Maybe Mark Effinger, will let me test drive it??? That’s not too blatant is it?


4 thoughts on “ThoughtOffice

  1. The CEO bundle looks very interesting and I have not been able to get a response as to what their return policy is if it doesn’t meet my needs. Any luck with a phone number, I’ve not been able to find one. Thank you. Victor

  2. Brainstorming and creativity made easy, I use it all the time to get above the fog. The idea browser has some excellent associative functionality that really helps to grow ideas.

  3. Marc! Of course you can take that baby for a test drive.

    I’ll email you with a download and some “extras”, just for you.

    BTW: NASA, Homeland Security, Apple, Nike, Mattel, Nokia, WL Gore and a few hundred thousand other folks find ThoughtOffice mighty helpful in adding another mind (or 217 minds) to the mix.

    I’d pontificate further, but that’s called “sales”. How no-no that is in this universe of social media…;-)

    Thanks Marc,
    Mark Alan Effinger

  4. Hi Victor,

    Thanks for the ping on this.

    We are good for returns within 30 days.. and I’ve never known us to NOT accept a return, regardless.

    We also provide excellent customer support and update the program monthly. Nothing like new capabilities to keep things fresh with our clients.

    Thanks much, and please contact me directly if you’d like some additional info. Dave will fulfill the order, and Chris or Chipp will make you happy with new features.

    Here’s to your brainstorming success,
    Mark Alan Effinger

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