Technology and the Housing market, how can we help?

I’m open for ideas today on how technology could help the slumping housing market. From coast to coast, people can’t afford to buy a house and other can’t afford to stay in their house. So I sit and here and wonder, what I can do to help ease the pain and create ways for a) homeowners to keep their houses and for b) homebuyers to get into a house without giving up their first born.

I know that that might be asking a lot of technology, but we spend so much time automating what we do and creating tools to simplify what we do, why can’t we figure out ways that make it easier for people to own a home or afford a home?

It doesn’t even have to be for profit, but I know one of the hurdles would be how do we bring this technology to those people? How do we bring it down to the streets? I wonder every day. Certainly there are some solutions out there. Someone has to have a brainstorm of some sort that can jump start the conversation!

We do so much with technology, and we’ve come so far, but right now we need to help whats going on in the housing market. I know there are some people who have made a lot of money off of the real estate market but there are also a lot of good people who are hurting. if technology could provide a path that eased the pain, then truly technology is altruistic at it’s core.

I’m open to answers and ideas.