Emerson, what’s in a name? or Emerson Direct, what does it mean?

What does Emerson Direct Response mean? It actually starts with the web site Emerson Direct and from there it has other iterations such as Emerson Direct Response and Emerson Direct Marketing. All of these names point to the Direct Response Marketing Industry, but if we really want to dig deeper, The name, the actual root origin of the name Emerson Direct comes from, a cat… That’s right, a cat.

We digress though. Emerson was not just any cat. He lived to be 19 people years, and to a cat thats older than dirt. Emerson was also one of the coolest cats We had ever been around. Cool in the sense, that he was quite unflappable and very much a people’s cat. Ornery at times but always very affectionate. He was a sleek siamese blue point, and his name truly fit his demeanor.

 We could tell many stories about Emerson but lets just say that we miss Emerson and although he was replaced, he was never replaceable. So in tribute to Emerson, Emerson Direct was founded.