What is Retargeting?

Here is a cool website that seems to have a clue about shopping cart abandonement.


How it works:

Step 1: Driving traffic to your website

As a web-based business you are already driving consumers to your website in numerous ways with the hope of ultimately selling them the products they are looking for. The vast majority of marketing budgets are spent with the intent of driving users to their website so a purchase can happen. This is done with either all or some of the following:


  • Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN
  • Email Marketing programs
  • Banner Ads
  • Direct Mail
  • Television Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Newspaper Ads
  • And many more…

50% of the Retargeting process is completed at this point.

Step 2: Identifying visitors for Retargeting

With the placement of 1 simple code on each page of your website that receives incoming visitors (similar to web analytics codes you probably already have in place); Retargeting.com’s powerful technology begins identifying your visitors for you the instant it’s live on your page.

75% of the Retargeting process is completed at this point.

Step 3: Identifying your past visitors as they surf the web

Retargeting.com will start locating your past visitors among the 75,000,000 consumers we serve ads to within minutes of when they left your site and will begin ‘Retargeting’ them for you within 24 hours! You only pay $19.95 per month for all the users we deliver back to your site. What this means for you is that you are now making your marketing dollars more efficient than you were before you started this valuable addition to your Marketing Mix!

95% of the Retargeting process is completed at this point.

Step 4: The consumer returns to your site to complete the sale.

Now you have the ability to send visitors directly to your “here is where we close the sale” page by doing some or all of the following:


  • Send them directly to the ordering page of the product they looked at before leaving.
  • Offer them a ‘special incentive’ to purchase now, such as; Free Shipping, 10% OFF, or any other incentive you have going.

Step 5: Retargeting your past website visitors all over again!

Once a consumer has made a purchase with you and had an impeccable experience, don’t be shy to keep in contact with them again. The trust is already there, they are familiar with your brand and service, and more than likely they have an interest in another one of your products… Up-Sell, Cross-Sell, and just plain old make your website Sell, Sell, Sell!