Digital Response Marketing

Digital Response Marketing is the new accepted form of marketing to consumers. It is a direct result and offshoot of traditional types of 20th century marketing. However there are some distinguishable characteristics which enhance its value proposition from other types of marketing or advertising. The first characteristic is that its metrics are measured by consumer response via email, mobile phone/pda and or website. The 2nd characteristic is its ability to push a message to the consumer in the quickest way possible with as minimal a cost as possible.  Digital Response Marketing is redefining and will redefine how marketers push their product to consumers. With the explosion of mobile phones, laptop computers, Blogs and social networking sites such as, it only stands to reason that these consumers are more reachable than ever, but are also savvier and more wary of traditional marketing methods. However, they are also a captive audience and a perfect receptacle to digital response marketing methods involving Opt-in email, mobile messaging, social network advertising and RSS feeds. Simply put DRM is the right marketing method at the right time for Web 2.0 With declining numbers in traditional media, and the move to a more mobile and digitally engaged audience, solicited and unsolicited commercial communication with consumers or businesses is becoming more and more daunting. Because of this paradigm shift, a need for a more focused and non traditional method of driving purchases and calls to action to consumers is needed.  The solution is a specific “call-to-action” via Digital Response Marketing where the push and pull of information is all digital, completely automated, and involves bleeding edge technical resources. This aspect of Digital Response Marketing not only involves a heavy emphasis on traceable and measurable results regardless of medium, but also on individuals who understand the technology necessary to achieve quantifiable results but also on the potential of emerging markets.