14 social media and marketing podcasts worth listening to.


You know what I love about podcasts? They are archivable, searchable and hands free. Which means that I can listen and learn while I’m doing other things. In the social media and tech space, I think its critical from a business standpoint to continue to grow and learn and stay ahead of the curve.

With that being said here are 14 social media , marketing, and new media podcasts that do just that-allow  me/you to learn. Coming from some of the true leaders of thought and innovation, these should help you achieve what you need most in this industry. Knowledge.

1) Quick-n-Dirty-Brought to you by Jennifer Leggio (@mediaphyter) and Aaron Strout (@aaronstrout) they talk about social networks and social media case studies, and talk with social media thought leaders- as well, they bring their certain style and panache to each podcast. Smart.

2) User Friendly Thinking interviews subject matter experts and industry thought-leaders on topics related to web design, content management, Internet marketing and social media. The show is hosted by CEO John Munsell and marketing director Paul Chaney from Bizzuka.

3) Diva Marketing Talks What can I say about Toby Bloomberg that hasn’t already been said? Add a great podcast to the mix and just be a sponge and learn about social media marketing.

4) Dishy Mix You want content? You want variety? This site and Susan Bratton brings it to you.

5) FIR is a twice weekly podcast covering new media, technology and PR,
provided by Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz, this podcast is very current and will always keep you in the new media loop.

6) Marketing Over Coffee Wait long enough and  John Wall and Chris Penn are likely to talk about anything, however they do focus pretty heavily on the tech, digital media space. Great variety here though.

7) Managing the Gray All around good guy, C.C. Chapman uses his podcast to help business professionals and individuals stay up to date on what is happening in the world of social media.

8. Marketing Voices I’ve been a big fan of marketing voices and Jennifer Jones for awhile now. Jennifer interviews leading marketers and business executives who are changing, or trying to change the marketing landscape.

9) Twist Image Mitch Joel is pretty dialed in. Don’t think so? Look who he has on and look at the topics he chooses to tackle. Plus his sight is bangin.

10) Jaffe Juice One of my faves, each week marketing dude and extremely tongue in cheek provacateur Joseph Jaffe discusses the world of new marketing, media and PR.

11) The Marketing Edge,  is one of the longest running marketing and PR podcasts. Be sure to check out the great summary posts by host Albert Maruggi

12) Find and Convert Wait till you see the list of topics and guests that Bernie Borges has on. Great topics and great content are a winning combination.

13) School of Social media Focused on Web2.0 marketing strategies, the show is produced by Ken English, the BlogTalkRadioGuy, and the Niche Prof, aka Dr. Ron Capps, for the School of Social Marketing and the Social Radio Network.

14) Connected World David Jacobs provides Connected World Radio, produced every Tues and Fri,  featuring a quick thought about an aspect of social or new media.

Have I missed some that might be a great addition to this list?

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12 thoughts on “14 social media and marketing podcasts worth listening to.

  1. First – it’s not Marketing the Gray, it’s MANAGING the Gray

    Second – it hasn’t been Across the Sound for many years – it’s now Jaffe Juice, since Joesph Jaffe now does it solo.


  2. It’s actually Managing the Gray by CC Chapman (not marketing!) Love Marketing Over Coffee and Six Pixels of Separation too. I’d add Jaffe Juice to the list (although he’s not that active these days)

  3. Thanks for including my podcast on your list. I’m in good company here.

    I suggest you add the HubSpot TV video podcast to your list. They air live each Friday at 4pm but most of their audience is subscriber based from iTunes.

    Thanks again.
    Bernie Borges

  4. Honest mistake on C.C’s Jaffe’s is on there I just had it as Across the sound, but I updated it, though the URL is still shows the page as Across the sound

  5. Hey Rob, easy..honest mistake on C.C’s and Jaffe’s is on there I just had it as Across the sound, but I updated it, though the URL is still shows the page as Across the sound

  6. Great List! I have been listening to Bernie Borges for quite awhile now. Not only is he entertaining, but he has a real world sense abut his words. They aren’t all fluff and leaving you with “what do I do now?” kinda feeling!

    Thanks for the resource!

  7. Marc – honored that Diva Marketing Talks is included on your list. looking forward to having you as a ‘rock star guest’ to talk about Twitter hash tag chats!

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