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Monetizing Social Networks. The simplest analogy possible!

Aside from the big players in social media making money via advertisers and cutting deals with some of technologies biggest hitters, there are more social sites that do not make money then there are those that do. What do they do? How are they going to make money?

Obviously one of the ways to create a social networking site that actually makes money is to niche-ify it to the extent that is speaks to a specific type of brand user and all the products or services that can be wrapped around the user. Picture the hot dog . Thats right, you are the hot dog. Your social network, the hot dog. You are going to be interested in all things related to you. 

Now the hot dog has the bun, the ketchup, the mustard, the relish,and the onions. All viable participants in the network. Including our friends chil and cheese. Couple with that will be napkins,  something cold to drink and perhaps to go with the hot dog, a side of chips.

All of these mentioned make perfect sense. They are viable, channel driven, niche driven, complimentary, cross promotional products that speak to the center of the social network universe known as is…the hot dog,

The problems arise when something that is totally irrelevant tries to crash the party. And interestingly enough, you would be surprised how often the following happens:

The best example of a lot of people trying to crash the party is perhaps the frenzy that is Myspace and Facebook. The frenzy of advertisers wanting to take advantage of million and millions of customers waiting(or are they?) to be pitched. Problems can arise from people who try and crash a party that they’re not invited to. Some great examples can be found in Jeremiah Owyangs post on brands that got punked by social media

As an advertiser, one just needs to know and it’s not like it’s that difficult. Are you the windshield, are you the bug? Are you the louisville slugger, are you the ball? Are you the hot dog? are you the bun? Or are you window cleaner that is the upsell to a box of triscuits?

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10 Green Social Networks

Just because we’re in tech doesn’t mean that we can’t do our part to try and push for a greener space. Here is a great post on 10 green social networks that you need to know about.,


I saw this Addictomatic on Rohit Bhargava’s blog and it’s pretty cool..Dare I say, it’s addicting? Thanks Rohit for sharing. Great interface btw…

30 Top Social Media Experts, Pundits, Evangelists and Marketers

If I spent all my time reading their blogs, there would not be enough time to do anything else. So I want to ask everyone out there,  Who else should be on the list?. By compiling the list, maybe it will help others narrow down the search, increase the conversation, hone in on what they are interested in and reduce the amount of time it takes to read their prose.

This is by no means an exact list but it’s certainly a WIP. I need everyone’s help in compiling this though!

There is no order. <—–truer words have never been spoken?

Christopher Carfi

JD Lasica

Brian Solis

Phil Gomes

Nathan Gilliatt

Lena West

Linda Zimmer

Sally Falkow

John Hingley

Peter Shankman

Charlene Li

Jeremiah Owyang

Shel Israel

Robert Scoble

Rohit Bhargava

Chris Brogan

Mack Collier

Scott Monty

Christina Kerley

Mike Sansone

Toby Bloomberg

B.L. Ochman

Greg Verdino

Mitch Joel

Josh Bernoff

Jackie Huba

Ben McConnell

Valeria Maltoni

David Armano

* Seth Godin

*Jason Breed

An Extreme Business Card

Check this out! The Autodialling Business Card! A good friend, Donna Brighton from the Brighton Leadership Group sent me this..Makes me wonder if there is something beyond the traditional business card? Is there?

Google Health

I was reading John Battelle’s blog this morning and came across a really cool post about Google health,  In short, You can import medical records from other services, and explore the list of health services to link to your profile. Google writes, “When you link a website to your profile, you may authorize that website to read your Google Health profile or to automatically send and update information in your profile (such as medical records or prescription histories). You decide which permissions to grant when you sign up with each website.”

Here’s a screen shot:

Some would have you believe based on this article about Where does Google go next, that they are hurting. What do you think?


WOMM If it sucks, it sucks.

I read this statement this morning and I’m still trying to wrap my arms around it: “Power is shifting rapidly to consumers”. The reason I’m having a hard time with it is,  since when did or do consumers not have the power.  The person who wrote that also said that that statement is the “new reality”. Oh really? So prior to the new reality, marketers and companies and products called the shots?

Isn’t the customer always right? If a product sucks, it sucks. The customer and the consumer will tell you so. They’ll do it 3 ways. 1 they won’t buy it. 2 they’ll tell their friends about the sucky-ness of it and 3. even though they don’t knoe you, they’ll tell you the product sucks.

I chuckle when I read that companies and organizations are building social communities and word of mouth campaigns wrapped around their products and top influencers and then complain because of what they hear. What did they expect to hear?

If it sucks, it sucks.


The Moonwalking Bear

This is courtesy of Dothetest

A passer-by asks you for directions. As you talk to him, two workmen walk between you carrying a door. In a flash the passer-by switches places with one of the workmen, and you are left giving directions to a different person. Do you think you would notice?

Researchers at Harvard University played this trick on some unsuspecting people and over 50 per cent failed to spot the change.

This phenomenon is known as “change blindness” – only a tiny fraction of all the information going into your brain enters your consciousness. People often fail to see a change in their surroundings because their attention is elsewhere.

Even stranger, if you are concentrating on something, you can become blind to other events that you would normally notice. This “inattention blindness” is possibly the reason why motorists collide with cyclists.

Just as it is important for road users to keep an eye out for cyclists, cyclists must also take steps to ensure they are seen by motorists.


The top 20 streaming(free) music sites

According to compete, here is the latest list of the top 20 streaming music sites. Some interesting things to note about the list and what you should know: All of these sites now have some sort of social aspect to them in order to grow and kepp its user base. With that being said this list also shows that users like to listen to their music, they just do not like to pay for it very often as this graph will attest to.

So what’s new there? I had previously posted about the top 44  social music sites awhile back, but that list has expanded and changed since that posting.

Here is the latest list:

  1. Imeem Imeem’s expensive label deals, which allow it to offer on-demand music from all four majors, plus indies — combined with emphases on social networking and reaching out to blogs — have paid off handsomely. The site’s unique U.S. visitor count rose 58 percent over the previous March to 10.3 million.
  2. Yahoo Music Yahoo, which had acquired large music sites like Broadcast, Launch Media and Musicmatch in order to become the top-ranked music-streaming site in the country, has slipped into second place.
  3. AOL They’re still around? Actually I’m kidding, based on their #3 standing in the top 20!
  4. Myspace Music
  5. Project Playlist One of my favorites
  6. MSN Music
  7. Hypem A site that everyone should bookmark
  8. Pandora- Used to loop alot but getting better
  9. ILike Integrates lots of nice social network features
  10. Last.Fm Updates a lot and sometimes has an odd mix but maybe thats not so bad?
  11. Jango Has a very simple interface
  12. Live365 A pioneer, been around a long time, always good to have in the rotation
  13. Qloud very strong social media integration
  14. Mog Great tag line, but is it any good?
  15. ReverbNation Little bizy
  16. HypemThe Hypem1500 presents aggregate traffic to the more than 1500 music blogs tracked by the Hype Machine, a popular blog aggregator. The Hype Machine itself is ranked separately from its network at #16
  17. Deezer In 2007 launched a free on-demand music playback service
  18. Songza- Great clean and simple and easy to use interface
  19. Seeqpod The oddest name of the bunch but still pretty cool
  20. Muxtape

In conclusion, let me paraphrase Alex Patriquin : “As the music industry seeks to reassemble in the wake of digital distribution, it should recognize social streaming communities as the fastest growing opportunity in its evolution”

Even if music isn’t your thing.

Ok, this has nothing to do with social media, but then again, we need to have some balance in our lives. If I were going to start a music collection and I have, but If I’m just starting out and I need to add discs that will really give me a well rounded complete music collection I’m going to start with this:

Watch this:


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